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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check it out- Page 103 in #Weddings Unveiled @wueditor

Nothing like seeing an ad in print :-)

#Wedding #Planning- When to hire a #photographer and more!

I am so blessed to know and work with such talented professionals like photographer extraordinaire Kristen Weaver! I know she is reading this with a little smile on her face (and a huge bucket of humility the size of her new WATCH!!!) Yes, Kristen- I THINK YOU ROCK! I can honestly say that photoshoots are hard, long and a little bit overwhelming BUT, the challenge of the creative is what drives me! I think the hardest part is waiting to see the final results......... (yes, I ask EVERY time "Did we get it?")  Here are a few sneak peeks of Behind The Scenes of our most recent Miami trip.

Kristen wrote an eye opening and informative blog post today about When to book your Photographer! A Must Read! Talent is scarce and if you really want the best, you should ensure that you plan early (you know that other brides are doing it too.) What are you waiting for anyway?

Then I read the post that Lauren from Every Last Detail posted today! I have posted the first two paragraphs, but this is an informative article that you should read for yourself. 

There’s a very common question that I hear from brides when they’re starting in on their wedding planning: “How early is too early to…,” or “how late is too late to…?” In regards to booking vendors, it totally depends on the type of vendor and your location. But overall, there is pretty much an order to stick to. It’s more a matter of vendors that book up quickly and trust me- the good ones book up fast!
1. Find and book your wedding planner. ;) It doesn’t even have to be a planner for Full Planning-  it’s just a good idea to meet with a planner to discuss ideas and get vendor recommendations. (At this time start looking for and researching vendors, particularly photographers)

Thanks to Kristen and Lauren for inspiring me everyday!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#Vendor spotlight- Invitations Sent Simply

I am a HUGE fan of simplicity and finding people who can totally make my free time more available.  As a bride (or hostess of a party) you know that there are just SO many moving parts to keep track of.........  THIS service is fantastic, and I had the chance to speak with Heather Cummins at length (she is so sweet and really a joy to work with!)

Invitations Sent Simply is a service giving your invitations the "White Glove" treatment they deserve.They make make sending invitations simple. Mail them the guest list, invitations, and anything else you want mailed with your invitations; They do the rest. Once they receive all the invitation items, we will address, assemble, stamp, and send your invitations.

The font styles are totally comprehensive and can be tailored to fit your theme!  Not sure about invitations?  They have a HUGE  selection to choose from, so this really is a treat for every occasion.


Give Heather a call 407-614-7052 or check them out online!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real #Weddings, Casey and Chris #Florida

This was the nicest family I could imagine working with. Casey is a sweet girl with an incredible attention to details. I knew from the minute I met her that she was on top of things and we were going to get along just fine. It wasnt until the wedding day that I met Chris, as they live in Ft Lauderdale and opted to have the wedding near family. Now I can honestly say that this couple was so precious!!!! You could tell that they were not only in love, but were best friends :-)

The venue was the lovely Lake Ashton in Winter Haven, where they could not have been more professional and fun.  They went above and beyond to make the evening smooth sailing. The Master of Ceremonies was Kelly Suit of "A Premier Entertainment" who kept the party going all night long! There was not a guest sitting on the sidelines all night long.
Lovely flowers of hot pink roses, filled the room and topped off a cake that was a total hit!  Thank you to KC Photography for the stunning images!

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